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We are super proud to be part of the strategic planning and management of projects impacting individuals all over South Africa. Recently one of our clients Adept ICT , IT solutions specialists, partnered with iLearn and The University of the Western Cape to provide six young people with a learnership opportunity.

The story

In an effort to reduce youth unemployment, iLearn has partnered with Adept, ICT solutions specialists, and will support six young people in a learnership programme.

The six unemployed youth, including two who have disabilities, will be put on a 12-month Blended IT Technical Support Learnership, iLearn’s new forward-thinking National Qualifications Framework Level 4 programme. According to Richard Rayne, chief executive of iLearn, empowering youth through on-the-job learning and development is one way of moving young people to the centre of the country’s economic ecosystem. Rayne said although addressing unemployment was complex, it started with upskilling young people through vocational training programmes. “As the country has been observing Youth Month this month, it pains me that millions of young folk remain unemployed 24 years into democracy. “Considering the alarming levels of unemployment, we need to work night and day to lift our youth from the clutches of joblessness, and the only way we can do that is by training them in areas where it’s most needed,” said Rayne.

The Learnership, hosted in partnership with the University of the Western Cape (UWC), aims to create an appropriately trained recruitment pool of potential employees in the industry and meet the institution’s employment equity objectives. Nina Barnes, manager for staff and organisational development in UWC’s human resources department, said while not all pupils would be placed in permanent employment positions after the training, it would provide them with the stepping stone they needed to obtain a qualification and equip them with the necessary skills to start their careers.

Paola van Eeden, Adept’s HR manager, said the business was thrilled with the partnership and the positive effect the Learnership would have on learners’ lives. Nikelwa Dasoyi, a pupil, said the programme had changed her life forever: “I am a step closer to realising my dream of working in IT. I am excited to further my education, which empowers people on both an academic and personal level. Through it we truly can conquer mountains.”

*As documented in the Cape Argus


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