B-BBEE compliance solution that makes sense to your business

It's about more than just ticking the boxes. This is a B-BBEE compliance solution that gives you peace of mind so you focus on your business growth

Stimulate new business opportunities

Government tenders eligibility

Strengthen procurement positions

Your roadmap to experience true B-BBEE success

Our roadmap is dedicated to taking care of all the steps necessary to achieve B-BBEE compliance and transformation


BEE Audit


We conduct a preliminary audit to determine your current level of BEE compliance.


BEE Strategic Plan


We develop and drive a strategic BEE Roadmap and action plan to ensure that you meet your goals and desired scorecard rating.


Execution & Monitoring


This part of our process ensures we achieve the goals set out in the BEE Roadmap.



Dedicated feedback channels to ensure we’re on track with your company’s vision.

B-BBEE Audit

A designated Unframed Business Partner will attend an on-site audit to determine your current BEE compliance level as well as your future potential rating.


This includes a comprehensive evaluation of your current standing on all 5 BEE elements by considering your financial position and expenditure throughout the year.

Findings Report

Based on the findings, a detailed report will be compiled identifying current strengths in your BEE initiatives and highlighting the potential for future initiatives.


BEE Strategic Plan Development

Your BEE Strategic Plan Development includes specialist advice on each component to ensure maximum points for minimum spend. This also includes value-added people development solutions. View more of each component to the strategic plan below.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Identifying suppliers that are capable of contributing to your business strategy and transformation vision is an important part of being successful in BEE. We’ll help you make sense of the procurement process and why it is important. We also provide Strategic Grant Contribution solutions, including an analysis of all your current suppliers.

Ownership & Management Control Solutions

Having the right demographic profile and level of representation is vital for successful BEE compliance. Your strategic plan aims to feed your management pipeline with the right people at the right time. We help identify and develop a talent pool that can be considered for middle and senior management positions as well as growing this into unique ownership models.



Employment Equity Legal Compliance

It is normal to see the Employment Equity legislation as a challenge. However, if we want to see true transformation in our companies we need to comply legally and our solutions are there to make this process easier for you.

Skills Development

Workforce empowerment is not possible without targeted skills development and training. The plan will focus on developing the specific skills needed to add value to your business and not to simply tick compliance boxes. We’ll help you spend your money where it matters by providing you with focused advice and structured employment equity training plans, including Internships, Learnership and Bursaries programs. We will also assist you with claiming back grants for training through workplace skills plans and discretionary grants from the relevant Seta.

Socio-Economic Development

It often happens that companies don’t know which non-profit organisations and charities you can support. Allow us to do the network and partnering for you. We will provide you with NPO and Grant contributions solution suggestions.

Execution & Monitoring

We do monthly monitoring and progress tracking to ensure the achievement of the roadmap’s goals. We further assist with document development and preparation of the BEE verification file to ensure a hassle-free verification audit. Our process includes comprehensive relationship management with the verification agency and other relevant stakeholders



We pride ourselves that we do not merely provide a consulting service, but we are actively involved every step of the way and make sure dedicated feedback channels are in place so you can make informed decisions


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