Our Mission

Our mission is to shift the perspective people have about BEE compliance and their human resource pool. Instead of frustration, hopelessness and fear, people can experience joy, empowerment and growth by tapping into the potential of BEE transformation.


What We Do

We’re using years of experience in the B-BBEE framework to help companies turn BEE transformation into a strategic roadmap that allows them to grow and ultimately makes sense to their business.


Why Choose Us

We’re doing more than just checking boxes. Un-framed will help your company achieve true BEE transformation, whether you’re a conservative company or a fresh startup. We combine this with a powerful human resource strategy to help your entire company grow.

It's time for a B-BBEE solution that makes sense to your business

And our past experiences can help take you forward on a growth roadmap that will position you for sustainable success

Our Story

Through years of active involvement within the BEE framework, we have worked with a diverse group of companies and business owners not achieving long term, sustainable BEE success. This means many companies are missing out on business growth. We pursue to enable businesses to grow, increase market share and empower people.

How our story has framed a solution for you

With the above background, we believe we have the ability to help you overcome the frustration that BEE brings. Ineffective, frustrating checklist driven BEE processes are not going to build your business. We follow a convenient hands-on BEE approach that adds sustainable value instead of simply ticking unsustainable compliance boxes. Our partnership model will give you access to specialist skills on all the HR/BEE components your business might need. As a level 4 B-BBEE contributor, all our clients’ spend with us counts points towards their procurement spend as well.

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