Our Mission

Our mission is to shift the perspective people have about B-BBEE compliance and their human resource pool. Instead of frustration, hopelessness and fear, people can experience joy, empowerment and growth by tapping into the potential of B-BBEE transformation.


What We Do

We’re using years of experience in the B-BBEE framework to help companies turn B-BBEE transformation into a strategic roadmap that allows them to grow and ultimately makes sense to their business.


Why Choose Us

We’re doing more than just checking boxes. Un-framed will help your company achieve true B-BBEE transformation, whether you’re a conservative company or a fresh startup. We combine this with a powerful human resource strategy to help your entire company grow.

It's time for a B-BBEE solution that makes sense to your business

And our past experiences can help take you forward on a growth roadmap that will position you for sustainable success

Our Story

Through years of active involvement within the B-BBEE framework, we have worked with a diverse group of companies and business owners not achieving long term, sustainable B-BBEE success. This means many companies are missing out on business growth. We pursue to enable businesses to grow, increase market share and empower people.

How our story has framed a solution for you

With the above background, we believe we have the ability to help you overcome the frustration that B-BBEE brings. Ineffective, frustrating checklist driven B-BBEE processes are not going to build your business. We follow a convenient hands-on B-BBEE approach that adds sustainable value instead of simply ticking unsustainable compliance boxes. Our partnership model will give you access to specialist skills on all the HR/B-BBEE components your business might need. As a level 4 B-BBEE contributor, all our clients’ spend with us counts points towards their procurement spend as well.

Corlia Swanepoel


Strategic B-BBEE Specialist and Industrial Psychologist


Corlia is absolutely passionate about adding value in all spheres of business. She completed her Bcomm Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch, where after she embarked on her career as a consultant specialising in Human Resource Development as well as Industrial Relations. Whilst pursuing her Masters degree in Industrial Psychology on a part time basis, consulting to 21 permanent clients across all industries throughout the Western Cape, she completed her degree as a cum laude with a Golden Key membership award before registering as an Industrial Psychologist at the HPCSA.
Throughout her years of consulting she gained exposure as a generalist in Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hospitality, Finance and Agriculture. She has formed part of a team integrating two FMCG organisations in a multi-provisional merger and administered assessment centres within the Mining Industry.Her ability to innovate, and take risks has been an integral part of her success, whilst she often gets commended for her strategic approach and excellent problem solving skills. She builds long lasting relationships with clients and ensures that her presence adds value to every stakeholder she engages with.  Her opinion on value adding is unique, “What if value cannot be defined by one single attribute or answer. What if value is a combination of it all, as well as precision in execution…” With 5 years of integrated experience she is involved throughout Unframed as Strategic B-BBEE Specialist and Industrial Psychologist.



Karin van Wijk


Industrial Psychologist and Business Coach


Karin has a Bcomm Psychology (Masters) degree from University of Stellenbosch and completed her Business Coaching qualification through the Institution of Leadership and Management based in the United Kingdom. She is registered as an Organisational and Industrial Psychologist with the HPCSA and has over 4 years of experience in talent management, psychometric assessments, career guidance and leadership development throughout Africa. She has been involved in talent management and psychometric assessment projects for corporates, state-owned businesses and SME’s across different industries such as Construction, Finance, Retail and Manufacturing industries. She loves to see people exceed and believes that everyone has potential within that needs to be discovered, developed and utilised effectively. Her passion lies in developing individuals, teams and organisations through applying leadership coaching, business psychology and neuroscience principles. Her strategic integrated approach allows businesses to increase bottom line whilst engaging employees through innovative techniques.  Having an interest in social development, she spends her free time volunteering and managing community projects. She also fulfils the responsibility as Chairlady at TLC Outreach Projects in Cape Town.



Liesel van Zyl


Strategic B-BBEE Specialist and OD Professional


Liesel holds a BComm Human Resource Management (Honours) degree from University of Stellenbosch and also completed a Post Graduate diploma in Labour Law at the University of Johannesburg with cum laude. She is a driven Strategic B-BBEE and OD professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and internal drive to deliver strong results, well versed in the “science of working with people”.  With more than 10 years’ generalist experience in the South African HR and IR field, she has worked in multiple industries and companies, the majority of which was while she was operating on a senior level. This experience has afforded her a deeper understanding of business in general, as well as the challenges and complexities that employees and leaders on all levels are faced with. She has been involved with the interpretation and implementation of the BEE codes since the amended codes in 2007 and has also been actively involved in developing and implementing various strategic OD initiatives for the most part of her career. Liesel is very involved with the development of people across all spheres of her personal and professional life. Her career has naturally progressed to focus around various aspects of employee career development, improving employee motivation, as well as the development and implementation of mentoring and coaching programs for managers and leaders. Her passion for improving South Africa’s education challenges has led her to the NGO “Partners for Possibility” which allows her the opportunity to serve as a Mentor for school principals to empower them to become change leaders in their schools. As part of the Unframed leadership team Liesel is currently involved with the development and implementation of various B-BBEE and strategic OD initiatives, with her focus on the Construction, ICT, Manufacturing and Transport industries



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